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Jul. 17th, 2007 | 08:03 pm

Thank you hakuren!

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BLEACH [12 days of torture]

Jul. 15th, 2007 | 06:57 pm
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12 days of torture in celebration of Ichigo's birthday on 15 July at ichi_ruki .

Warnings: (if any)

12 Days of Torture
July 4th - Guilt Trip
July 5th - Tongue Lashing
July 6th - Whipped
July 7th - Water
July 8th - The Rack
July 9th - Silent Treatment
July 10th - Domination
July 11th - Brainwashing
July 12th - Humilation

July 13th - Bullying/Intimidation
July 14th - Deprivation
July 15th - Bondage (Happy Birthday, Ichigo!)

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BLEACH [12 tortures] Bonding

Jul. 15th, 2007 | 12:41 pm
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Title: Didactic
Torture: Bondage - July 15th
Author: Machinatio
Word count: 691
Warnings: Minor spoilers for recent chapters

He always believed that no matter how tough the situation was, goodness will always prevail, and evil would dissipate and disappear in the light of justice. It started from those fairytales he mother would read to him every night. The knight in shining armour would always slay a monstrous dragon or the deceitful wizard or witch, and save the helpless perfectly portrayed princess.

Even when his mother got murdered by Grand Fisher, his faith only wavered for a second or two before becoming more committed than ever. For many years, he would always suffer the guilt of not being able to be his dearest kin’s brave knight.

When he first took responsibility for his Shinigami powers, he was unsure of the opportunity that presented itself right before him. Here it was, the strength to help save other souls, to make up for the soul he couldn’t save. He rejected the thought, fearing failure of not being up to that responsibility, but changed his mind as he saw that he had the power to help the other souls.

He was furious when Rukia was punished for something that seemed so trivial a matter to him. He decided that he would not let this past, for he could not will himself to abandon the person, who in a way, granted him powers to save souls. He fought all the way through soul society with this faith in mind, knocking down any obstacle, bashing through every door, slicing through any opponent who dared stand in his path.

The will for him to take personal action washed over him again when Orihime was taken to Hueco Mundo. Whether or not she choose to go there on her own free will or was forced there, it didn’t matter to him. What mattered that she was a Human, not a Hollow nor Arrancar, and Humans belonged to the Human world till their deaths.

For that, he once again recklessly entered and fought his way through Hueco Mundo with his battle companions. At first, with every enemy falling to the ground, it seemed that juctice would be served fairly and squarely.

However, things were different this time.

One by one, as they each encountered the Espadas, the Arrancar’s strength proved too overpowering. His faith was shaken when he lost sight of their reiatsu ribbons. First Chad, then Rukia. As he delivered the final blow to Grimmjow, Ishida’s and Renji’s ribbons both disappeared at once.

Even as he exchanged fists, kicks and ceros with Ulquiorra, he fought with the will to avenge his companions, to end Aizen’s activities, which would destroy everything he knew and held dear.

As Ulquiorra blasted Zangetsu, Shirosaki and himself out of existence, his first thought was that maybe it was his time, and was another protagonist’s turn to save the day.

But as he watched from above, a place right at the top, above all worlds, Aizen was succeeding in destroying the waves of Shinigami sent into Heuco Mundo. The process of creating the Royal Key was in process as the town starting being obliterated into nothingness.

If it were true that the place he was at now was really the top of everything, a place that was not complicated Soul Society, a place where he was reunited with his smiling mother, with his wacky and weird companions, with the-sweet-in-her-own-way Rukia, a place where the bonds between them were renewed and stronger than ever, then with or without Zangetsu at his side, with or without permission to create chaos in this peaceful dimension, he would be sure to be everyone’s knight, and stand in the way of the evil.


“And that’s the end of the story. Now off to bed you little punk.” Ichigo told his daughter lovingly, as she giggled in his hold when he swiped her off the sofa and put her down gently on her bed.

As he turned off the lights that luminated the Chappy wallpapered room, he wondered what might have happened if good had not prevailed, but dismissed the thought immediately as he saw his wife wagging a cheeky finger at him from behind their bedroom door. 


I'm sorry for the crappy "story". It seemed pretty fun to write about at first ._. I was at a total loss for the title. Never been good at titles.

This concludes the 12 tortures Challenge for me! =D I'm kind of sad its over, but more relieved since my brain cells are really drained at this point. Never underestimate the torture of drabble/fic mini marathons -_- Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading! I really enjoyed reading through all the fics, drabbles, comics and looking at the fanarts. =D


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BLEACH [12 tortures] Him wanting more just proved he wasn't a shinigami, nor a vizard, but a human.

Jul. 14th, 2007 | 11:14 am
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Title: Desideratum
Torture: Deprivation - July 14th
Author: Machinatio
Word Count: 572
Warnings: None.

Ichigo was thankful. His life was never boring, with him having to balance between being a Shinigami Substitute, full time student, and free labour at his father’s clinic. On top of that, everyday occurrences always seemed to be spiced up so exaggeratingly by his bizarre classmates, his weird family, and Rukia.

In a way, he had everything.

At home, there was always excitement and humour. His hyperactive father would bounce around the house and go hugging the over-sized poster of his mother like he had too much sugar in his coffee for breakfast. Yuzu would be the ever amazing kind hearted sister, and Karin would be the part of a tough and tomboy-ish sister.

At school, Orihime, with her cheery greetings, and Tatsuki, with her small welcoming smile, never failed to brighten his day. Weirdos like Keigo and Chizuru never failed to amuse him with their weird antics, though Ichigo would bleach his hair white before ever admitting that. Ishida and Chad were his silent break-time companions, and he was always grateful for the peace and quietness between the three of them during these times.

At hollow killing sprees, he was never sure of what Kon was up to, and often feared the worst everytime he spotted him entering the troublemaker Urahara’s shop. The annoying hollows never seemed to give up trying to consume souls to increase their capabilities, and he often wondered if it were ever possible to completely exterminate these masked monsters from the face existence.

At training sessions, whether it was at Urahara’s, the Vizard’s Warehouse or Soul Society, the fight always ended with him being the loser, barely escaping with his life, with his body displaying deep, long, thin slice marks and bruises everywhere. During exchanges with Renji, Urahara was always sure to sneakily his opponent up when it appeared that he had got the upper hand. Hiyori and Shinji took turns during training to make a laughing stock of and embarrass him in front of the other Vizards. His visits to Soul society was always ended with him literally shunpo-ing away for his very soul from an insane, possessed maniac Zaraki Kenpachi of the 11th division.

Of course, he couldn’t forget about Rukia, could he? He got trashed big time when he made fun of Chappy and her drawings. He was appreciated for a split second everytime he agreed to do her homework. He was looked up upon when he fought recklessly in a gallant way against hollows, and when he brilliantly acted out scenes from Shakespeare’s plays. She was a real pain, but in the few months he had gotten to know her, she was always there by his side, and probably knew more about him than anyone else he had known for far longer.

He certainly was grateful for his fortune, for having such great friends and a loving family.

But once in a while, Ichigo cannot help but wonder what it would have been like to live a normal life, with ordinarily coloured hair, with a family with both parents, with typical soccer playing friends, without the knowledge of evil hollows lurking at every corner and waiting to pounce on humans, without knowing that other worlds like Soul Society and Hueco Mundo existed, without having to suffer the guilt at those who died at his hands, a life without battle, a life without lies, a life without everything that was precious to him now. 


I spent the longest time on this in comparison with my other 12 torture fics. Just one more day! Suddenly all the plot bunnies keep popping one by one into my head for tomorrow's theme. Can't wait! =D

Comments and critics appreciated! ENJOY! =)

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BLEACH [12 tortures] He's not superstitious...but...

Jul. 13th, 2007 | 09:58 pm
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Title: Triskaidekaphobia
Torture: Bullying/Intimidation - July 13th
Author: Machinatio
Word count: 617
Warnings: None.

Although he looks like the punk who always bullies and intimidates the small, skinny, helpless bespectacled child living along the same street, its often the other way around.

This is precisely what always happens to him on this day, Friday the 13th, every year. The incidents were like knives digging into his already deeply wounded pride.

This is what happened this year.

1) Yuzu, the normally passive sister, had been extremely unreasonable when she found Kon in his room, and just refused to stop screaming and berating him for keeping and hiding her beloved Bostafu.

2) Karin, the more outspoken sister, had joined her closest kin in quarreling with him on finding her tolerant and patient twin in tears and at her wits end.

3) Isshin, never failing to be the protective father figure to his beloved daughters, did not hesitate to treat Ichigo with numerous kicks and punches.

4) Misato, his habitually easy going teacher, whom never rejected any of his excuses before for getting hurt or running out in the middle of class on the account of it being ridiculous (who needs to go for five toliet breaks in one lesson almost everyday?!), refused to accept his excuse for lateness because his over-excited father had been so focused on bashing him to death. In fact, the anger waves she sent out, which seemed to demand complete respect and obedience just by looking at him, could have rivaled even Yamamoto's overwhelming stares. He had been so dejected when his favourite teacher had rapped a novel on his head a few times, calling him a "disloyal son" and ignoring him for the rest of the period.

5) Tatsuki, Orihime's Lady Knight with brillant karate skills, had managed to bruise his already sore stomach even more with her iron fists. Rejecting Orihime's gesture of kindness when she saw him looking so dejected in class was worth the punishment though, since he was sure his stomach could not have tolerated that dirty purple concoction of sesame durian flavoured durian ice cream.

6) Ishida, his eternal rival, seemed to be ignoring him the whole day, since he forgot to bring Kon to let him try out the fittings of a few of his new doll outfits that were to be made saleable to the school's girls the next day.

7) Chad, the kind giant, had mysteriously disappeared the whole day, only to be seen keeping Ishida company as he altered the doll's dresses by instinct.

8) Shinji, the ever annoying prick in his skin, had once again managed to break his mask apart in a record of two seconds.

9) Urahara, the happy-go-lucky-sandal-hat-shop-owner aka despicable-inventor-and-plotter, had once again succeeded in tricking him to be a test subject against the Kisuke's shop latest products.

10) Rukia, the thorn on the rose stem that had popped up and refused to be gone from his life, never failed to make his life utterly miserable no matter what day it was. She had refused to wake up on time for school, lied about the evil acts done against her by him to his classmates, insisted on him hunting down and buying a chappy blanket she had seen along the way while they were chasing a hollow, filled his mind with gross and sick romantic scenes from the novel she had read while he got tortured by never-ending half-completed faulty inventions, and finally forced him to do her homework and re-enacting a certain scene from Romeo and Juliet in preparation for the English literature test the next day.

If there was any other guy in Human world, Soul Society or Hueco Mundo who suffered more abuse than this, he would have been Ichigo's hero for all eternity.


One sentence on this fic. Poor Ichigo and my poor brain cells. =(

Watched Harry Potter today. The scene where Sirius Black died was so un-justified! Argh! D<

Comments and critics appreciated! =)

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BLEACH [12 tortures] Anything to save his virginity

Jul. 12th, 2007 | 10:35 pm
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Title: Pride
Torture: Humiliation - July 12th
Author: Machinatio
Word count: 136
Warnings: None.

-Pant, pant-


-Huff, huff-

I have to keep going.

-Muscles aching-

I cannot give up

-Joints griddling-

I must beat her.

-Feet slipping-

I have to protect my pride. 


Yoruichi grinned as she imagined the thoughts running through the hormonal boy’s brain. The last time she had beaten him at shunpo, he had been punished most entertainingly by her and a few companions bearing a little too much cleavage.

Ichigo turned pale and groaned when he noticed the familiar mocking expression and cheeky smile on her face. Not again. He wondered how he ever got brainwashed into challenging the Goddess of Flash in shunpo, as she quickened her pace and gleefully showed her dominance in flash steps by distancing herself from him. 

This time, the punishment would be much much more compelling and enticing.


I'm seriously losing steam. Three more to go!

Hope you enojyed this! I love watching the growing Ichigo squirm in innocence in these situations. xD

Comments and critics are much appreciated!
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BLEACH [12 tortures] So cunning. So shrewd. So despicable.

Jul. 11th, 2007 | 07:10 pm
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Title: Calculable
Torture: Brainwashing - July 11th
Author: Machinatio
Word count: 115
Warnings: Minor sort-of hints at what happened in recent chapters.


It filled him every time someone he cared about got hurt.


Consumed him when his mother was murdered, and when his sisters were attacked.


Filled him when his ghost friends got eaten, and when his classmates got injured.


Devoured him when Rukia was treated like trash, and when Orihime was treated like a thing.


Immersed him when a certain arrancar just refused to get out of his way and let him save his dying partner.


It overwhelmed his mind, corrupted his thoughts, clouded his judgement.


Aizen chuckled. For simpletons like Kurosaki Ichigo, who were so easily predictable, Kyōka Suigetsu and its near perfect illusions would never be required. 


I just needed to get the hate out of my mind ._. It's a horrible incorrigible evil feeling =(.

I know its not very descriptive. But still..ENJOY! =)

Comments & Critics are <3!

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BLEACH [12 tortures] Nothing he could do

Jul. 10th, 2007 | 10:39 pm
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Title: Different levels
Torture: Domination - July 10th
Author: Machinatio
Word count: 100 (I finally did my long awaited drabble =D)
Warnings: Attempted graphic violence.

The segmented sword extended without warning as it was flung towards him.

It flew over him, as though it had missed its mark.

Not a second later, it descended, and its sharp, pick-like protrusions drove into his shoulder.

His eyes widened in shock. And pain. The treacherous blade was now being dragged right through skin, muscle and bone.

The crunching sound was deafening to his ears. The scene of blood spurting from him was like lava erupting from a volcano.

All this happened too fast for him, and all he could do was watch as his body got ripped apart. 


I finally managed to restrict myself to a drabble =D. 

Comments and Critics appreciated! <3

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Just one is enough

Jul. 9th, 2007 | 06:37 pm

Walking along the street
feet dragging at the pavement
hands clutching bread and meat
face burnt

Walking under the lamp
carrying broken bag
clothed in tattered rags
socks damp

She walked along the street aimlessly.
No goal in sight.
She caused fritction between her feet and the pavement
Reluctantly moving forward in life.
She held stale bread and spoiled meat.
Trying to make what she had left last as long as she could
She had scars on her burnt face
Nightmares of her past from wrong choices.
She walked from darkness into light.
Finding hope in the new path she embarked on.
She gripped the weather beaten weather strap.
Proving she suvived whatever was thrown at her.
She wore lice and hole ridden sweater and pants.
Got them from people who wanted her away.
She had sewage and rain soaked once-silk stockings.
A reminder of what she had sacificed.

Panda eyebacks
Acne skin
Why did she even have to put up with this.

Frost bitten nails
Blistered feet.
It hurt her that her appearance changed.

Her food ran out.
Her bag got ripped apart.
The only things she had left.

With paper thin cotton on her
With the endless path full of possibilities
She pushed on.

The lamps died.
The cotton disintegrated.
Nothing was left.

But with that few strands of silk still left on her feet.
She pushed herself on.
Someone still believed in her.
For that, even if she couldnt do it for herself,
She had to do it for that person,
who gave her hope and courage.

It turned to day.
With only one strand of thread left on her left feet,
she walked into a new world.
people embraced her new ways
they looked after her
they accepted her.

No more worries about meeting other's expectations.
No more worries about people overtaking her.
No more worries about not having enough.
No more worries about betrayal.
No more worries about quarrals.
No more worries about goodbyes.
No more worries about being alone in the world.

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BLEACH [12 tortures] the world has turned upside down

Jul. 9th, 2007 | 05:08 pm
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Title: Changes. Major changes.
Torture: Silent treatment- July 9th
Author: Machinatio
Word count: 489
Warnings:  The word "boobs" appears once, but in a really harmless context as this is for all to read.

He opened the door, and tensed his body in preparation against some outrageous physical attack...

His readiness was for naught. The typical welcome-home punch or kick did not happen, and all that came in contact with his skin was the musty air.

Isshin was sitting quietly at the dinner table and reading his paper. Yuzu and Karin were squabbling over which actor was cuter in a teenage magazine. No one paid attention as he stamped loudly on the carpet laden wooden floor when he walked across the hall.

Bewildered, he headed straight up to his room, and thought about his day.

Keigo had not squealed with joy at the sight of boobs.

Chad and Ishida had suddenly become sociable all of a sudden.

Mizuiro had been hitting on Tatsuki, who actually played along and flirted with him.

Orihime’s meal actually tasted good and looked normal for once.

Having to tolerate the complete opposite characters of his class was bad enough.

But to add to his misery at not being able to comprehend their sudden attitude changes, nobody seemed to notice him at all.

Orihime had not greeted him with her normal cheery smile, and Tatsuki was not smiling in the background.

Chad and Ishida had not given their silent acknowledgements of his presence.

Keigo did not come up with some absurd excuse to talk to Ichigo, with Mizuiro trailing behind, and with Rukia to..

Wait, where HAD Rukia been the whole day? It was as if he had completely disappeared from his life! Panic clutched his heart as he fought to turn the door knob steadily. She couldn’t have…

Speaking of the devil, Rukia was there in the room, with her back facing him. He slammed the door so hard that cracks appeared on the wall, but even then she did not turn around, as if he was invisible and not there at all.

He lost no time in stalking over to Rukia and demand to know what on the bed had captivated her so much that even she had to give him the silent treatment… 

He saw.... 

His eyes bulged, his expression turned ashen, his mind exploded and he let out a blood curdling scream. 

Now his eyes were filled with tears, his face blue and his mind crystal clear. Rukia had dumped a whole bucket of water onto his face, into his mouth and down his throat. Without waiting for him to recover from his choking fits, she physically and mentally abused him for making such a ruckus in the middle of the night. She wouldn’t have stopped if Isshin had not jumped into the situation and restrained her with Karin’s help.

At any other time Ichigo would have killed her for nearly murdering him in his sleep, but just this once, he was just too thankful that reality was still in one piece and that it had all been just been a very horrible nightmare. 


I think i squeezed my already-uncreative-mind dry of all my creative juices. So much that I even had to resort with nightmare for this torture. Sigh. I hope the next fic will be better, when I don't suffer from some digestive sickness and when the plot bunnies come to me. Maybe angst would have been a better option...I am such an indecisive person when it comes to freedom of choice.. I personally can't wait for the next torture, and hope I don't go overboard with it. xD

I hope it was an enjoyable read anyway. =)

As usual, critics and comments are appreciated! <3

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